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Bristol Head shot Photographer

Bristol Head Shot Photographer

 As a business person in the Bristol area the whole idea of needing a professionally taken corporate head shot may seem a little time consuming and non-essential to you.  But, if you think of corporate head shots as a marketing tool - a way to make a first impression that will ultimately help you generate new clients and therefore help boost your enquires and bookings, then your perspective may change.

With the increase in digital marketing and remote working, a professional corporate headshot helps not only current but also potential future clients feel more connected to you.  Someone, at some point, will be looking to do business with you over the internet and like it or not, people do judge the book by the cover.  Just like an actor, a good headshot shows that you take your business seriously.


Editorial head shot, taken on location.

Editorial head shot, taken on location.

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A headshot is exactly what it says it is - a close up picture of your face.  A “good” headshot however is something that little bit extra.  But it can also be a head and shoulders portrait, a portrait taken showing you in your working environment, or even team members at a board meeting. Life is all about first impressions, especially in this day and age where you are likely to often be "meeting" people for the first time on-line, so you need to show yourself in your best possible light - literally. Lighting is key to having a good headshot and amateur headshots are pretty obvious because of this.  They look home-made and unprofessional.  They won't capture you in the best light or at the best angle.

A professionally taken headshot is vital because these are the things that we are skilled at doing.  It is not just about our knowledge of using expensive equipment to create quality images.  We know how to position you, how to evoke warm, spontaneous expressions, how to make you look friendly and approachable, but professional.


Whether it is for an individual business person or for a whole company team, Black Tie Portraits pride ourselves on being able to promote your unique strengths through professional headshots.  We can supply them as high resolution jpeg images for use on company literature, or low resolution images for use on websites.

Bristol Head shots | Black Tie Portraits

Other uses for Corporate Headshots

  • Annual reports
  • Social Media
  • About us Page
  • Résumés
  • Industry speciality sites.
  • Corporate catalogues, brochures and advertising collateral
  • Company publications and websites, internal and external
  • Press releases and other announcements
  • Marketing materials
  • Articles and newspapers
  • Author pages
  • Actors Headshots
Bristol Head shots | Black Tie Portraits


We understand that you are a busy company, so we co-ordinate our timing to your schedule.  Be assured that with minimum disruption we can use our compact mobile studio to take the photographs you require, conveniently on location at your offices, at a time to suit you and your business requirements.

Headshots Photographer Bristol | Black Tie Portraits

The style of our headshots can be traditional or ultra modern.  We offer you a choice of crisp, white or coloured backgrounds and use a professional lighting system to create a uniformity to your company’s image and branding.  This is beneficial to all businesses, but especially so if you have staff in different locations or when new staff are employed.  The headshots are taken in both portrait and landscape formats, and can be cropped to fit in with the web page where you intend to display them. We are happy to advise you on this.


Covering Bristol and the surrounding area, Black Tie Portraits have over 30 years’ experience in professional portrait photography.  Run by a qualified member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, you can be certain that all your corporate headshot photographs will show your company’s business leaders and employees in their very best light.

We have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance and all our equipment is electrical safety tested on a regular basis.

Contact Black Tie Portraits today for a no obligation discussion of your corporate requirements.

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Contemporary head shot taken using our mobile studio at the client's premises.

Contemporary head shot taken using our mobile studio at the client's premises.

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